Author(s): USACE
Publisher: USACE
Year: 2001
Links: PDF, USACE Publications
Subjects: Geotechnical
Size: 449 pages, 25.2 MB
EM-1110-1-1804 cover

This manual establishes criteria and presents guidance for geotechnical investigations during the various stages of development for both civil and military projects. The manual is intended to be a guide for planning and conducting geotechnical investigations and not a textbook on engineering geology and soils exploration. Actual investigations, in all instances, must be tailored to the individual projects.

Geotechnical investigations are made to determine those geologic, seismologic, and soils conditions that affect the safety, cost effectiveness, design, and execution of a proposed engineering project. Because insufficient geotechnical investigations, faulty interpretation of results, or failure to portray results in a clearly understandable manner may contribute to costly construction changes, post-construction remedial work, and even failure of a structure, geotechnical investigations and subsequent reports are an essential part of all civil engineering and design projects.

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