Author(s): USACE
Publisher: USACE
Year: 1999
Link: PDF, USACE Publications
Subjects: Groundwater, Hydrology
Size: 122 pages, 1.04 MB
Cover of EM-1110-2-1421 Groundwater Hydrology

This Engineer Manual provides guidance to Corps of Engineers (CE) personnel who are responsible for groundwater-related projects. This manual was written with special attention to groundwater-related applications prevalent within the CE. Thus, sections addressing site investigation procedures and the performance of modeling studies are included. Additionally, a chapter focusing on the interaction between surface water and groundwater is included.

This manual applies to all USACE Commands having civil works responsibilities. This manual provides information for application to common Corps groundwater-related studies, including:

  1. Site characterization for contaminant remediation.
  2. Computer modeling of groundwater flow.
  3. Groundwater and surface water interaction studies.
  4. Reservoir operations.
  5. Groundwater flow to adjacent locks and dams.
  6. Remediation of reservoir leakage.
  7. Infiltration of runoff to the subsurface.
  8. Baseflow between aquifers and fixed bodies including streams and reservoirs.
  9. Effects of aquifer pumping on adjacent lakes and streams.
  10. Well installation involved with seawater infiltration barriers.
  11. Dewatering of an excavation for construction purposes.
  12. General regional and local applications.

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