Author(s): USACE
Publisher: USACE
Year: 1995
Links: PDF, USACE Publications
Subjects: Waterstops
Size: 23 pages, 0.08 MB
EM-1110-2-2102 cover

This manual provides guidance for the selection and use of waterstops and other preformed joint materials for preventing passage of excessive amounts of water, water-borne matter, gases, other fluids, and other unwanted substances into or through the joints of concrete structures.

Most concrete structures have contraction, expansion, and construction joints. Joints can be a path for unwanted matter, liquids, solids, and gaseous substances to enter and pass through the concrete joint and possibly cause damage to the integrity and serviceability of the structure. Waterstops and other preformed joint materials are a primary line of defense against the passage of excessive amounts of these substances. This manual provides information and data on the various waterstops, preformed compression seals, and other preformed joint materials; their shapes, sizes, and the physical properties that are available to the designers of concrete structures.

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