Author(s): Craig Nielson, Connie Baker Wolfe, Dave Conine
Publisher: Rural Community Assistance Corporation
Year: 2009
Links: PDF
Subjects: Building, Green building
Size: 85 pages, 2.12 MB
Green Building Guide cover

Design Techniques, Construction Practices & Materials for Affordable Housing

Green building is a time-tested, practical and intuitive approach to creating environmentally sound buildings. Green building combines age-old wisdom; tradition and collaborative design processes; and modern building science, technology and materials application.

Green building structures are energy efficient, conserve resources, create healthier indoor environments and offer durable and beautiful spaces that use environmentally suitable materials. Green building incorporates integrated design concepts, solar orientation, appropriate footprint sizing, glazing awareness, material durability, economic life-cycle analysis, material reuse and salvage, natural material content, locally available materials and economic sustainability.

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