Author(s): Build It Green
Publisher: Contra Costa CountyContra Costa County Green Building
Year: 2007
Links: PDF
Subjects: Building, Green
Size: 74 pages, 2.79 MB
Home Remodelling Green Building Guidelines cover

These Home Remodeling Green Building Guidelines were developed:

  • To present a range of voluntary green measures for building professionals and homeowners to choose from when remodeling a home in California
  • To provide local governments with an educational tool for city staff, building professionals and homeowners interested in green residential remodeling
  • To offer cost-effective suggestions to minimize construction-related waste, create healthier and more durable homes, reduce operating costs for homeowners and support local manufacturers and suppliers of resource-efficient building materials
  • To create a policy foundation for local governments interested in implementing a green building program
  • To establish regional consistency in green building guidelines to increase predictability for building professionals
  • To integrate varying residential initiatives in order to achieve greater simplicity and local applicability
  • To offer methods to reduce the impacts of building in California communities, including solid waste management, water conservation, energy efficiency and resource conservation
  • To offer a set of guidelines developed by an independent, third-party source in collaboration with a wide range of expert stakeholders

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