Author(s): National Environmental Services Center
Publisher: Rural Community Assistance Partnership
Year: 2011
Links: PDF
Subjects: Water supply
Size: 52 pages, 16.6 MB
Non-operator's guide to drinking water systems cover

This guide provides an overview of all of the technical aspects of your drinking water system so you can make sound decisions as you manage the system. This guide does not provide all of the detail and expertise to make decisions about operations and processes. You are encouraged to work with your system’s certified operator(s) for this purpose and consult with him or her for advanced issues.

Water systems are moving toward “sustainability” these days. This includes doing more planning, thinking about the long-term, and finding ways to be more self-reliant. In the coming years, our nation’s drinking water systems will face unprecedented challenges: water shortages, aging infrastructure, an aging workforce, and lack of funding, to name the most obvious issues.

As a local leader, your own actions can set the tone for the rest of the community. Therefore, it is your responsibility to be as informed as possible about the systems and processes that convey safe drinking water to your community’s residences, businesses and institutions. This guide will supply you with some meaningful information about the state of your drinking water supplies. When you have more information, you can make better decisions about current and future operations of your community’s system. By reading this guide, you are becoming engaged in the process of learning more about your responsibilities and providing an essential resource in your community.

Remember, safe drinking water is up to you and your community. Be informed. Be engaged. And be a leader.


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