Author: Pierre Y Julien
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Year: 2002
Link(s): Google Books Preview 
Subjects: Riprap, Rivers

This textbook offers a thorough mechanical analysis of rivers from upland areas to oceans. It scrutinizes state-of-the-art methods, underlining both theory and engineering applications.

Each chapter includes a presentation of fundamental principles, followed with an engineering analysis and instructive problems, examples, and case studies illustrating engineering design. The emphasis is on river equilibrium, river dynamics, bank stabilization, and river engineering. Channel stability and river dynamics are examined in terms of river morphology, lateral migration, aggradation, and degradation.

The text provides a detailed treatment of riverbank stabilization and engineering methods. Separate chapters cover physical and mathematical models of rivers. This textbook also contains essential reading for understanding the mechanics behind the formation and propagation of devastating floods, and offers knowledge crucial to the design of appropriate countermeasures to reduce flood impact, prevent bank erosion, improve navigation, increase water supply, and maintain suitable aquatic habitat.

More than 100 exercises (including computer problems) and nearly 20 case studies enhance graduate-student learning, while researchers and practitioners seeking broad technical expertise will find it a valuable reference. Pierre Y. Julien is Professor of Civil Engineering at Colorado State University.

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