Caltrans Standard Specifications 2015

Author(s): Caltrans Publisher: Caltrans Year: 2015 Link: PDF  Subject: Construction, specifications Size: 1155 pages, 14 MB These standard specifications are published by the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), for use on Caltrans projects. They ae also widely used or referred to by other agencies in California and elsewhere. The specifications are divided into […]

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Caltrans Riprap Sizes

This has been superseded by Caltrans New Riprap Classes. D50 Equivalent Spherical Diameter RSP Class D50Size1 D50Weight   inches pounds 8 Ton 71 17600 4 Ton 56 8800 2 Ton 45 4400 1 Ton 36 2200 1/2 Ton 28 1100 1/4 Ton 23 550 Light 16 200 Facing 12 75 Backing No 1 12 75 […]

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Trapezoidal Channel: Manning’s n

Caltrans Highway Design Manual Commonly accepted values for Manning’s roughness coefficient are provided in Table 866.3A. The tabulated values take into account deterioration of the channel lining surface, distortion of the grade line due to unequal settlement, construction joints and normal surface irregularities. These average values should be modified to satisfy any foreseeable abnormal conditions […]

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Circular Pipe: Manning’s n

Caltrans HDM Table 851.2 Suggested values for Manning’s Roughness coefficient (n) for design purposes are given in the tabe below. Manning “n” Value for Alternative Pipe Materials(1) Type of Conduit Recommended Design Value “n” Value Range Corrugated Metal Pipe(2) (Annular and Helical)(3) 2⅔” x ½” corrugation 0.025 0.022 – 0.027 3″ x 1″ “ 0.028 […]

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Caltrans New Riprap Classes

Source: Caltran Highway Design Manual, Chapter 870 These supersede the previous Caltrans Riprap Sizes. Caltrans requires the use of these new RSP gradations starting August 1st, 2016 in new projects and those not yet at 30 percent PS&E stage. Caltrans Highway Design Manual Table 873.3A RSP Class by Median Particle Size(3) Nominal RSP Class by […]

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