EM-1110-2-1911 Construction Contol for Earth and Rock-Fill Dams

Author(s): USACE Publisher: USACE Year: 1995 Links: PDF, USACE Publications Subjects: Construction, Dams, Materials Size: 101 pages, 8.06 MB The purpose of this manual is to present principles and methods for construction control of earth and rock-fill dams. This manual is a guide to construction and inspection of earth and rock-fill dams in those aspects […]

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Sacramento County Standard Specifications 2016

Author: Sacramento County Publisher: Sacramento County Year: 2016 Link: PDF , Archives Subjects: Construction, specifications These specifications became effective for Sacramento County contracts approved for advertisement for bids on and after January 1, 2016. For any contract approved for advertisement between January 1, 2008 and December 31, 2015, the January 2008 version of the Specifications apply. […]

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Caltrans Standard Specifications 2015

Author(s): Caltrans Publisher: Caltrans Year: 2015 Link: PDF  Subject: Construction, specifications Size: 1155 pages, 14 MB These standard specifications are published by the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans), for use on Caltrans projects. They ae also widely used or referred to by other agencies in California and elsewhere. The specifications are divided into […]

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Concrete Pipe Installation Manual

Author(s): ACPA Publisher: American Concrete Pipe Association Year: 2018 Link PDF Subjects: Construction, Culverts, Pipes, RCP This manual presents a guide for the proper installation of concrete pipe. For many years, the American Concrete Pipe Association has conducted comprehensive research and analysis of the factors which affect the field performance of concrete pipe. The knowledge […]

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