HDS-6 River Engineering For Highway Encroachments

  Author(s): E.V. Richardson, D.B. Simons, P.F. Lagasse Publisher: FHWA Year: 2001 Link(s): PDF  Subjects: aggradation, degradation, alluvial channel, alluvial fan, river training, geomorphology, headcutting, lateral migration, riprap, sediment transport, scour, stable channel design, countermeasures The Federal Highway Administration document “Highways in the River Environment – Hydraulic and Environmental Design Considerations” was first published in […]

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4. PAVEMENT DRAINAGE (Based on HEC-22, Third Edition, revised August 2013) Effective drainage of highway pavements is essential to the maintenance of highway service level and to traffic safety. Water on the pavement can interrupt traffic, reduce skid resistance, increase potential for hydroplaning, limit visibility due to splash and spray, and cause difficulty in steering […]

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HEC-11 Design of Riprap Revetment

Author(s): Scott A. Brown, Eric S. Clyde Publisher: FHWA Year: 1989 Links: PDF, SI Version Subjects: Riprap, Revetments, Bank Protection, Gabions, Grouted Riprap, Riprap Design, Precast Concrete Riprap, Paved Linings One of the hazards of placing a highway near a river or stream channel is the potential for erosion of the highway embankment by moving […]

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FHWA Riprap Size

Source: FP-14 Standard Specifications Author: FHWA Table 705-1 Gradation Requirements for Riprap(1) Class % of Rock Equal or Smaller by Count Range of Intermediate Dimensions,(2) Range of Rock Mass,(3) DX inches (millimeters) pounds (kilograms) 1 100 9 – 15 (230 – 380) 59 – 270 (27 – 120) 85 7 – 11 (180 – 280) […]

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HEC-14 Hydraulic Design of Energy Dissipators for Culverts and Channels

Author(s): Philip L. Thompson and Roger T. Kilgore Publisher: FHWA Year: 2006 Links: PDF Subjects: energy dissipator, culvert, channel, erosion, outlet velocity, hydraulic jump, internal dissipator, stilling basin, impact basin, riprap basin, riprap apron, drop structure, stilling well The purpose of this circular is to provide design information for analyzing and mitigating energy dissipation problems […]

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HDS-2 Highway Hydrology, 2nd Ed

Author(s): McCuen RH, Johnson PA, Ragan RM Publisher: FHWA Year: 2002 Links: PDF Subjects: Hydrology, frequency analysis, peak discharge estimation, urban hydrology, hydrograph development, storage and channel routing, stormwater management, arid lands hydrology, wetland hydrology, snowmelt hydrology, GIS This document discusses the physical processes of the hydrologic cycle that are important to highway engineers. These […]

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HDS-4 Introduction To Highway Hydraulics

Author(s): James D. Schall, Everett V. Richardson, and Johnny L. Morris Publisher: FHWA Year: 2008 Links: PDF Subjects: Hydrology, hydraulics, highway drainage, open channels, roadside ditches, pavement drainage, inlets, conduits, culverts, storm drains, energy dissipators Hydraulic Design Series No. 4 provides an introduction to highway hydraulics. Hydrologic techniques presented concentrate on methods suitable to small […]

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HDS-5 Design of Highway Culverts, 3rd Ed

Author(s): Schall JD, Thompson PL, Zerges SM, Kilgore RT Publisher: FHWA Year: 2012 Links: PDF, HTML (1985 edition) Subjects: Culverts Hydraulic Design Series Number 5 (HDS 5) originally merged culvert design information contained in Hydraulic Engineering Circulars (HEC) 5, 10, and 13 with other related hydrologic, storage routing and special culvert design information. This third […]

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HEC-10 Capacity Charts For The Hydraulic Design of Highway Culverts

Author(s): LA Herr Publisher: FHWA Year: 1972 Links: PDF Subjects: Culverts This circular contains a series of hydraulic capacity charts which permit the direct selection of a culvert size for a particular site without making detailed computations. The charts in this circular do not replace the nomographs of Hydraulic Engineering Circular No. 5 (HEC No. […]

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HEC-13 Hydraulic Design of Improved Inlets for Culverts

Author(s): L.J. Harrison, J.L. Morris, J.M. Normann, F.L. Johnson Publisher: FHWA Year: 1972 Links: PDF Subjects: Culverts This manual provides hydraulic design methods for circular and rectangular culverts with improved inlets. Improved inlets are bevels, side-tapers, and slope-tapers which are modifications to the culvert entrance geometry . These improvements can greatly increase the performance of […]

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