HEC-15 Design of Roadside Channels, 3rd Ed

Author(s): Kilgore RT, Cotton GK Publisher: FHWA Year: 2005 Links: PDF Subjects: channel lining, channel stabilization, tractive force, resistance, permissible shear stress, vegetation, riprap, manufactured linings, RECP, gabions Flexible linings provide a means of stabilizing roadside channels. Flexible linings are able to conform to changes in channel shape while maintaining overall lining integrity. Long-term flexible […]

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HEC-15: Riprap and Gravel Lining Design

Source: HEC-15 Author: RT Kilgore and K Cotton (FHWA) CHAPTER 6: RIPRAP, COBBLE, AND GRAVEL LINING DESIGN Riprap, cobble, and gravel linings are considered permanent flexible linings. They may be described as a non-cohesive layer of stone or rock with a characteristic size, which for the purposes of this manual is the D50. The applicable […]

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