4. PAVEMENT DRAINAGE (Based on HEC-22, Third Edition, revised August 2013) Effective drainage of highway pavements is essential to the maintenance of highway service level and to traffic safety. Water on the pavement can interrupt traffic, reduce skid resistance, increase potential for hydroplaning, limit visibility due to splash and spray, and cause difficulty in steering […]

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HEC-22 Urban Drainage Design Manual, 3rd Ed

Author(s): S.A. Brown, J.D. Schall, J.L. Morris, C.L. Doherty, S.M. Stein, J.C. Warner  Publisher: FHWA  Year: 2009  Links: PDF  Subjects: Storm Drains, Inlets, Storm Water Management, Water Quality, Best Management Practices, Pumps, Drainage Design This circular provides a comprehensive and practical guide for the design of storm drainage systems associated with transportation facilities. Design guidance […]

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