EM-1110-2-1420 Hydrologic Engineering Requirements For Reservoirs

Author(s): USACE Publisher: USACE Year: 1997 Links: PDF, USACE Publications Subjects: Flood control, Hydrology, Hydropower, Water supply Size: 115 pages, 0.80 MB This manual provides information on hydrologic engineering studies for reservoir projects. These studies can utilize many of the hydrologic engineering methods described in the manuals listed in paragraph 1-4. Hydraulic design of project […]

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EM-1110-2-1701 Hydropower

Author(s): USACE Publisher: USACE Year: 1989 Links: PDF, PDF + Flash, USACE Publications Subjects: Hydropower Size: 813 pages, 31.2 MB This manual describes evaluation techniques for both large and small hydro projects, as well as pumped-storage hydro. These procedures can be applied to the modification or rehabilitation of existing hydro projects as well as to […]

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