Circular Pipe Alternate Depth

Flow conditions in a closed conduit can occur as open-channel flow, gravity full flow or pressure flow. In open-channel flow the water surface is exposed to the atmosphere. Gravity full flow occurs at that condition where the conduit is flowing full, but not yet under any pressure. Pressure flow occurs when the conduit is flowing […]

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Nominal Pipe Diameters

Computed pipe diameters should be increased to a larger nominal dimension to avoid pressure flow. Standard English and metric nominal sizes used for storm drains are given in the table below. Nominal Pipe Diameters English metric inch ft mm 12 1.00 300 15 1.25 375 18 1.50 450 21 1.75 525 24 2.00 600 30 […]

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Concrete Pipe Installation Manual

Author(s): ACPA Publisher: American Concrete Pipe Association Year: 2018 Link PDF Subjects: Construction, Culverts, Pipes, RCP This manual presents a guide for the proper installation of concrete pipe. For many years, the American Concrete Pipe Association has conducted comprehensive research and analysis of the factors which affect the field performance of concrete pipe. The knowledge […]

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Circular Pipe: Manning’s n

Caltrans HDM Table 851.2 Suggested values for Manning’s Roughness coefficient (n) for design purposes are given in the tabe below. Manning “n” Value for Alternative Pipe Materials(1) Type of Conduit Recommended Design Value “n” Value Range Corrugated Metal Pipe(2) (Annular and Helical)(3) 2⅔” x ½” corrugation 0.025 0.022 – 0.027 3″ x 1″ “ 0.028 […]

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