EM-1110-1-4012 Precipitation/Coagulation/Flocculation

Author(s): USACE Publisher: USACE Year: 2001 Links: PDF, USACE Publications Subjects: Wastewater Size: 101 pages, 1.48 MB This engineer manual (EM) was written to provide guidance for determining if precipitation, coagulation, flocculation (PIC/F) systems are applicable and guidance on how to properly design, specify, and operate P/C/F systems to remove dissolved heavy metals from aqueous […]

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EM-1110-2-501 Design, Construction, and Operation SMALL WASTEWATER SYSTEMS

Author(s): USACE Publisher: USACE Year: 1999 Links: PDF, USACE Publications Subjects: Wastewater Size: 222 pages, 1.47 MB This manual is intended to provide guidance and criteria for the design and selection of small-scale wastewater treatment facilities. It provides both the information necessary to select, size, and design such wastewater treatment unit processes, and guidance to […]

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Guidance Manual For the Design, Construction And Operations Of Constructed Wetlands For Rural Applications in Ontario

  Author(s): Eric Tousignant, P.Eng., Olivier Fankhauser, Sarah Hurd Publisher: Alfred College (University of Guelph) Year: 1999 Links: PDF  Subjects: Wastewater, Wetlands Size: 164 pages, 1.19 MB The following manual provides a review of considerations and steps required for the design, construction and operation of constructed wetlands for wastewater treatment in rural applications (i.e. livestock operations, […]

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Non-Operator’s Guide To Wastewater Systems

Author(s): National Environmental Services Center Publisher: Rural Community Assistance Partnership Year: 2011 Links: PDF Subjects: Wastewater Size: 60 pages, 17.4 MB Most of us take our wastewater (sewer) systems for granted. We flush the toilet or wash the dishes or our clothes, and, with very few exceptions, the dirty water leaves our home. While most […]

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